Tips in buying wigs

posted on 29 Jul 2015 10:19 by amadorwigs

1.You should pay attention to the design of the wigs. Whether the wigs are fashionable or not, they depend on the vision and level of the designers.

2.Pay attention to the quality of the hair. Hair is the most important factor of wigs. The best one is Japanese KENEKALON with "kg" as a unit procurement.

3.Pay attention to the hair net accessories. Whether a wig can wear comfortably or durably, you should pay attention to the hair net and a variety of accessories. Procurement of various hair net and accessories from the world's, we need the most outstanding materials.

4.Pay attention to the standard of the hair net. As you all know, European types of heads are different from Asians'. We should know the statistics of people's head type to choose suitable wigs.

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5. Pay attention to the wearing annex. Good remy hair, Brazilian hair and so on have good wearing annex so that they can wear easily.

6.Pay attention to the additional services. If the wigs are not used, "hair hold" will not damage the hair. Many wigs have bad qualities, so they cannot be washed and you can wash them like real hair.

7.Pay attention to the service. Wigs are also goods, therefore, they should accept the implementation of return and exchange policies by the state.

What is remy hair?

posted on 08 Jul 2015 16:25 by amadorwigs

What is remy hair? The principal of remy hair is that the hair and braid without dyeing and ironing. 

After taking out the chaff scale of hair, that is remy hair.


Many people ask why not remain the chaff scale? Because when crochet wigs, 

to make hair root fixed in net, usually lock the hair in net root, if it has chaff scale, it is easy to knot.